About DSO

Disability Support Unit was established in September 2008 in accordance with the “Regulations on the Solidarity and Coordination of the Handicappers in the Institutions of Higher Education” which was approved in 2006. The Office was conducted the studies under the Health, Culture and Sports Department between the years 2008-2012. It serves as connected to Ankara University Rectorate since 2013. The aim of DSO is to support the needs of students with disabilities, providing equal access to the facilities of the university, and improving the academic and social development. Disability Support Office also aims to raise awareness and sensitivity about disability in Ankara University.

Ankara University DSO applicationisvoluntaryandtherefore the unit provides support on request.

Regulation of Disability Support Office includes the working principles of Ankara University DSO which was established for providing equal access to all units of the university for individuals with disabilities and giving support services to them.

Regulation of Disability Support Office